Friday, November 5, 2010

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American Sports Moments Retold By Monty From Major League

Team USA won last night.

They're going to let a fella named Jackie Robinson play baseball.

The Jets won the super bowl.

Branca hung one, Thompson took him deep.

Fly ball to Willie Mays, caught.

Notre Dame beat Army 12-6.

Wilt Chamberlain is very good. The Knicks are not.

John Wooden won games.

Don Larsen gets the "W".

Doug Flutie drops back, throws, the ball is caught.

Joseph Montana threw the american football to Dwight Clark. Clark caught it.

Franco Harris records the touchdown reception.

Ray Knight scores, Mookie reaches first safely.

Desmond Howard scores.

David Tyree on the catch, that's good for a first down.

Csonka drops the ball. Edwards scores.

Team USA lost last night.