Tuesday, June 30, 2009

reviews of things

Weed Hounds
Demo 09

These songs are pretty great. Nick and Laura get nifty with their guitars. Cesco drums like a madman. Nick and Laura trade off singing about being ok and being allowed inside people's houses. It's catchy. It's upbeat. It's true to itself. These folks did not just open up ye olde "lo fi pop" starter box and decide to go for it. They're great, legit folks making great songs. The songs are great enough that they could even kind of be dicks as folks and I wouldn't mind. That works the other way, too. They're great enough as folks that they could even write some shitty songs and I wouldn't mind either.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Songs you're not allowed to play on the jukebox at an exotic dancing club at three a.m. in Virginia the last time I checked (August, 2003):

Mother by Danzig (surprisingly enough)
Looking For A Kiss by The New York Dolls (surprisingly enough)
Some Girls Are Bigger Than Others by The Smiths (makes sense)

Saturday, June 20, 2009

reviews of things

1.6 band played a show at the cake shop in Manhattan last night. I nodded my head and smiled a whole bunch.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

reviews of things

Crime in Stereo/Paint it Black
at Lindenhurst Moose Lodge
June 13th, 2009

Someone jumped on someone else. Someone bought a record. Someone bought a t shirt. Paint it Black played that song off their last full length that reminds me of my Grandpa dying and I kind of cried while I was jumping around. The song in reality is probably about getting divorced in your office where you practice psychology that happens to have a hospital bed that you're laying down in because you might die and not eating meat, voting republican, or joining the army. It is a Paint it Black song after all, but I like to pretend it's not about those things.

reviews of things

Paint it Black-Amnesia 7 inch.

This record contains the phrase "duck season/rabbit season." It also has a song about riding bikes. I don't own a bike at the moment, but I like to think I will someday. The song about riding bikes has the coolest little driving guitar riff during the verses. I'm pretty sure there's a line about Mission of Burma too. It makes me smile.

Friday, June 12, 2009

reviews of things

Capital-Blind Faith 7"

One time I had a dream. In that dream I had access to a time machine for some reason. Out of all the crevices of history I could have crept to, I chose to go back in time a year and a half to attend a Capital show that I was originally unable to attend due to work. I decided to wear a Capital shirt that did not exist at the time of the show just to weird the kids out. They played songs that had not been released at the time and I knew all of the words. I'm not entirely sure why I chose to do this. I could have gone to Ebbet's field. I could have gone to the prep school basketball game my grandparents met at. I could have gone to CBGB's to see the Talking Heads. I went to see Capital play a show. Go figure.


Monday, June 8, 2009

Letters that are fun to think of existing

Dear Trent,

Seriously?! Everyone in the world?! That's unhealthy, unethical, uncomfortable, illegal, and also physically impossible. I understand the need to do something that matters, but I hardly recommend fucking everyone in the world in order to accomplish that something. Also, if it's everyone in the world, wouldn't that make each act of fucking matter less and less? You'd be setting out to accomplish something and diminishing that accomplishment with every step towards it. Just saying.

your pal,


one on one v.4

Iron Chic is a band from Long Island. There is a man named John Mee who plays bass in Iron Chic. I met up with John at the Iron Chic show at Mr. Beery's in Bethpage.

Me-I used to really like the Red Hot Chili Peppers...like...a lot.

John-Yeah man, Flea really likes the Lakers (the Lakers are a professional American basketball organization that Flea really likes).

Me-Anthony Keidis kind of sucks though.


Me-He's always talking about driving a Lexus to Texas or some shit like that.

John-I heard he once thought that Mike Patton was secretly making fun of him.

Me-Ha. That rules. Thanks for sitting down to do this interview.

John-No problem. I like Bill Simmons (Bill Simmons is a man who writes for espn about sports. He is witty and informative).

Me-Bill Simmons rules. When his new book comes out we should go to his signing.

John-That is a wonderful idea.

Monday, June 1, 2009

disappointing your parents and dying alone v.1

this appears in the new issue of rawlife zine. dr. drewce alexander asked me to do a little something about kiss.

What follows is a list of twenty one statements regarding the rock group Kiss. It is up to you to determine which statements are fact, and which are fiction. Good luck, I hope you make it.

1-The song "Christine Sixteen," written by Gene Simmons(bass) when he was twenty eight years old is about wanting to sleep with a sixteen year old girl (and most likely actually going through with it).

2-Lou Reed assisted in writing lyrics for the Kiss concept album Music From The Elder.

3-They have never manufactured any merchandise that would take away, or add to anyone's immediate impression of their music.

4-They were made for lovin' you.

5-The deep cut "Hard Times," from the album Dynasty was covered by the New York hard rock group the Cro-mags.

6-They'd like you to lick it up, whoa.

7-Cold gin is the only thing that keeps them together.

8-Their drummer's name is Peter Criss(drums) and he wore make-up to make him look like a cat.

9-Peter Criss(drums) is the proud father of several well adjusted, successful children who love him very much.

10-They set out to record their third full-length record with Steve Albini, but later scrapped the session tapes.

11-They are all handsome.

12-They have toured with Aerosmith.

13-The seventies were a pretty fucked up decade.

14-They starred in a film about a phantom in an amusement park that involved evil robot thems.

15-Some of the band members originally performed under the name Wicked Lester.

16-No one has ever dressed up as Kiss for Halloween.

17-Ace Frehley(lead guitar) died in a motorcycle accident while crossing the Brooklyn Bridge into Manhattan on October 17th, 1987.

18-Gene Simmons(bass) has never consumed an illegal drug, or an alcoholic beverage in his entire life.

19-Paul Stanley(rhythm guitar) once performed in a side project called The Dudes of Wrath.

20-Paul Stanley(rhythm guitar) is an accomplished painter. People buy his paintings.

21-In a film documentary featuring candid interviews with each band member, it is revealed that Peter Criss(drums) heard somewhere that some of their fans believe that they as a band, collectively do not use heat.

Let's see how well you scored.

Factual statements were:1,2,4,6,7,8,12,13,14,15,18,19, 20