Monday, June 8, 2009

one on one v.4

Iron Chic is a band from Long Island. There is a man named John Mee who plays bass in Iron Chic. I met up with John at the Iron Chic show at Mr. Beery's in Bethpage.

Me-I used to really like the Red Hot Chili lot.

John-Yeah man, Flea really likes the Lakers (the Lakers are a professional American basketball organization that Flea really likes).

Me-Anthony Keidis kind of sucks though.


Me-He's always talking about driving a Lexus to Texas or some shit like that.

John-I heard he once thought that Mike Patton was secretly making fun of him.

Me-Ha. That rules. Thanks for sitting down to do this interview.

John-No problem. I like Bill Simmons (Bill Simmons is a man who writes for espn about sports. He is witty and informative).

Me-Bill Simmons rules. When his new book comes out we should go to his signing.

John-That is a wonderful idea.

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