Monday, March 23, 2009

reviews of things

at The Bowery Ballroom
March 21st, 2009

Burt was able to get tickets. He invited me to go with him. I smiled for a long time after agreeing to go. I sort of forgot about it for a few months, or at least I was able to avoid harping on it daily. About a week before I started getting fairly excited about it. (This is pretty much a lie because I told everyone I knew in the world I was going at least seventeen times.) We had made plans that would be considered "big" for us. There were voicemails left and text messages sent to set up an ultimate, roving hangout session with an assortment of people both before and after the show in the great big city, on the lower east side. We met at my house after I got off of work. To begin our big plans, we started drinking and scouting out train times using the internet room in my house. After deciding on a train, I left Burt to his own devices in the internet room. I had to wash, shave, put non work clothes on, and feed my dog. When I left the internet room I told Burt not to go to that website he always goes to. Upon entering the internet room again I was washed, shaved, in non work clothes, and the proud owner of a recently fed dog. Burt informed me that he had indeed gone to that website he always goes to. I told him it was ok. We left for the train station shortly thereafter.

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