Thursday, August 5, 2010

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iron chic-not like this

This record has cool doodly notes. The lyrics on this record are about being a person. Some of the subjects touched on seem very sad, almost fucked up in nature; but they are presented in such a way that makes them seem like the thoughts of every sad, almost fucked up person ever. There's an uplifting unity found in simply stating you're confused, frustrated, discouraged, and alive to other people in the same boat. Iron Chic have tapped into that unity in a way rarely heard or seen. Plus there are cool doodly notes going on in the background so it doesn't really bum you out too much. I'm not sure how they did it, but apparently the record has a chorus consisting of everyone who as ever patted anyone on the back ever shouting "whoooooaaaaaaa" from the first track through the record's end. It's a pretty cool thing to have on your record. Skinny kids take their shirts off and love the shit out of everyone when Iron Chic play. Fat kids do the same thing. It's very rare that the large and small can agree like they do over this band. This is the type of record that makes bands break up because they know they'll never be able to touch what this record touches. You can pre-order this here.

*editor's note: I always sing "couldn't conceive of moving into it." in that song about the basement and time and shit. I just think it's a cool line in the spirit of thinking about the past and how maybe one time you played in the basement or hung out or had band practice there...but never thought you'd end up living in a half finished basement or something. I know that's not the line, but it's just a thought. I'm not a nerd, or anything.

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