Sunday, May 15, 2011

the titles of smiths songs sound exactly like things hitler may have said before the outbreak of world war 2 when rewritten in fake german

goosestep around das fountain

ve vill have everything soon

miserable schwindel

make graves mit jedermann

meine hand rocks der cradle

das charming mensch

still schlecht

der hand in a black leather glove

vhat difference doest it make?

Ich don't owe you anything!

suffer everyone

Neville, it ist really neinthing

these things vill not take time

how soon ist now?!

handsome deiwel

heaven knows i'm miserable

der nacht hat opened France's eyes

accept me!

Europe afraid

back to the old sudentland

bitte, bitte, bitte, let mir let mir let mir get vhat i vant this time

das fuhrer ritual

reichstag ruffians

I vant everything I can't have

vhat she said angered mich

dis ist naht einen joke

Poland fast!

vell I Vonder

barbarism begins auf home

meat ist murder...this is just living space

der queens and kings sind tot

frankly, herr franklin

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