Thursday, February 26, 2009

One on One v.1

I recently met up with Conor and Tim from the Agent in the big city to talk about some things. The interview follows transcribed from memory as best as I can recall.

Me: Fuck you!

Conor: Ha! What's up Matt!

Me: Nothing, sick show, huh?

Conor: Yeah man. I can't believe they played What I Would Say To You Now!

Me: Yeah, I know. Psyched they did No Sensitivity too.

Conor: Totally, they fucking rule.

Me: Totally.

Conor: So I heard you fucked up singing Hyper Enough with Nick's band?

Me: Yeah it was atrocious, but they sounded awesome. I think I redeemed myself when Everything Sucks covered Archers though.

Conor: Yeah, I'm bummed I couldn't make it.

Me: Ha, what happened man?

Conor: It was Poppa Freeman's birthday...sorry.

Me: Oh sick! It's no problem man...there will be more soon. Did your dad tell any more high school football stories?

Conor: Nah

(I notice Tim walking towards us)

Me(to Tim): Hey! It's You!

Tim: So just decent records, man? I bought great records.

Me: I don't recall exactly what records you used to buy. I just remember you wearing an Inside Out shirt a lot.

Tim: Yeah I just remember walking down the aisles and hearing like Heads Vs. Breakers and being like "what the fuck?"

Me: Yeah, I tried to have fun there.

Conor: I think we're heading out, how did you guys get in? The subway from Penn?

Me: Yeah man.

Conor: Is anything going on?

Me: Not sure...we might meet some folks way downtown. It depends.

Conor: Word, Have a good night.

Me: You too, thanks for sitting down to do this interview.

Conor and Tim in unision: No problem!

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  1. Dammit Matt, why was this not recorded and given to me for usage on my shitty little internet radio program? Genius!