Wednesday, February 11, 2009

reviews of things

Awake In Their World

Agent put a seven inch record out. It took a little bit to hit the streets, but the streets were glad they got hit with it. The kids love it. The older folks love it. Small animals love it as much as small animals can love a seven inch record by an independent rock outfit from Long Island. The lyrics are an intelligent take on what it's like to be a certain age, trying to live and behave a certain way amidst a suburban scene that does not necessarily support, or even understand that certain age and behavior. That being said, I'm pretty sure Keith is a liar because it's almost impossible for him to be saying everything that is printed as lyrics on the record. He might be singing about unicorns or some shit, but writing about the aforementioned suburban scenes. He speaks rather quickly. The layout for the record was done by a fella who wears sweaters sometimes. John Mee played bass for the recording. A kid who used to buy decent albums from me at Tower Records plays bass with them now. His name is Tim. In almost every picture of this band my brother can be seen singing along with a finger pointed and all. We like them.

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