Thursday, October 8, 2009


Amazing Rhythm Aces-They won a grammy once.

Ambrosia-King Crimson for moms.

Amen Corner-The nickname for the eleventh, twelfth, and thirteen holes at Augusta, where the annual Masters major golf tournament is held. Also a band who The Small Faces were better than.

America-Not good at all, but kind of great. They played Jesse Ventura's inaguration as Minnesota governor.

The American Breed-They played "bend me, shape me" when Kevin Arnold sees a girl in a skirt for the first time on the Wonder Years, or something like that.

American Music Club-oh my god, i can't believe you've never heard them. they are like so good. sooooo good. i'll put them on a mix tape for you and we'll drive to the beach at night. or sit in a coffee house. whatever you want to do. anything you want to do...out of those two things.

Tori Amos-The first time I ever heard "shut up" in a song was her I'm pretty sure. She had that chump from tool singing on one of her songs. All the assholes got psyched about it.

Eric Andersen-People moved to Greenwich Village in the '60s.

John Anderson-My grandmother loved George Jones' cover of his song "Girl at the End of the Bar"

Laurie Anderson-hi mom. ha ha ha ho ho ho.

The Angels-They rerecorded "My Boyfriend's Back" last year, thus completely negating any worth they had.

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