Friday, October 9, 2009


Arrow-He wrote "hot, hot, hot." Then David Johansen sung it. You could even have dinner with it.

Art Ensemble of Chicago-Intelligent folks. Listen to them.

Art of Noise-It's supposed to be an avant-garde take on classical composers with ideals taken from the futurist movement. Which apparently sounds exactly like what you'd hear in the background of a Pizza Hut commercial in 1989.

Ashford and Simpson-The creepiest record covers.

Asia-Proof that punk didn't work.

Asleep at the Wheel-Western swing music. Western. Swing. Music.

The Association-They were romantic while owning mutton chops.

Chet Atkins-He was great at guitar, but wasn't a dick about it. Few folks can say that.

Atlanta Rhythm Section-Indecision was apparently spooky to them.

Brian Auger-He was great at things that don't matter.

Frankie Avalon-He threw beach parties. A lot.

Average White Band-Their drummer died from heroin by accident. Because that's an actual thing.

Kevin Ayers-

Roy Ayers-Not related to Kevin Ayers.

Aztec Camera-Your older sister likes them.

onto the b's tomorrow.

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