Monday, October 12, 2009


Babes in Toyland-If Courtney Love never got so fucking terrible she'd be the first three Babes in Toyland records.

The Babys-They broke up, formed Bad English, and bummed me out.

Bachman Turner Overdrive-Randy Bachman helped write American Woman for the Guess Who, Ain't Seen Nothin' Yet and Takin' Care of Business with BTO. He is everyone's uncle ever.

Backstreet Boys-Shit happens. Whatevs.

Bad Brains-I'm glad they are in this book.

Bad Company-Everything they sung about was a lie. Everything.

Badfinger-Just like Joy Division, but with choruses.

Erykah Badu-"I'm getting tired of your shit, you don't never buy me nothin'"

Joan Baez-Her and Bob Dylan loved each other, but no one ever knew about it.

Anita Baker-One of the last people to have an actual voice.

Ginger Baker-Played shitty drum solos.

Lavern Baker-Recorded a dope version of "See See Rider".

John Baldry-He narrated a Winnie the Pooh readalong tape.

Hank Ballard-Wrote "the twist" and sung about getting laid.

Afrika Baambaataa-Invented awesome shit.

Bananarama-They wrote the song that plays on the radio that Daniel gets into a fight with Johnny Lawrence over in the first Karate Kid.

The Band-Responsible for Dylan becoming a sarcastic dick, Cream breaking up, and a bunch of mediocre bands making better records. They fucking ruled. I hum their organ parts all of the time.

The Bangles-Imagine going to see them back when they were huge and sitting through songs that weren't Manic Monday, or Walk Like An Egyptian.

The Barbarians-The best shit ever.

Barclay James Harvest-Darren Nanos' favorite band.

Barenaked Ladies-I think one of them had a goatee.


  1. more b's! I'm looking forward to the T's and U's!

  2. i'm not sure you're facts have been checked

  3. nah man...the dude in barenaked ladies had a goatee.