Monday, January 12, 2009

no aloha

So when the two elderly people you live with die within a month of each other, one of your favorite people still living will make a mix of songs and send it to you. In response to her kind message and mix, you will take a bit of time out of bumming around to compile the following list of songs to send in return.

beat happening-down at the sea
the halo benders-don't touch my bikini
superchunk-1,000 pounds
the jam-ghosts
tom waits-jack & neal/california, here i come
the libertines w/ adam green-what a waster
the only ones-another girl, another planet
orchestral manoeuvres in the dark-enola gay
silkworm-slave wages
crust brothers-yazoo street scandal
crust brothers-going to acapulco
allen ginsberg-laughing song
joan of arc-how wheeling feels
on the might of princes-as long as she doesn't smoke
nick cave & the bad seeds-nature boy
mclusky-she will only bring you happiness
the thermals-everything thermals

There were some replacements songs on there too, but exactly what and where has been forgotten. Had the song "no aloha" by the breeders been readily available at that time, it'd have most likely ended the mix.

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