Saturday, January 24, 2009

Songs My Mother Knows Every Word To

The Load Out/Stay by Jackson Browne

This is a song/songs about being "on the road, maaaaaan." The narrator describes his stage being broken down by roadies every night only to be rebuilt again the next night at another show taking place "a thousand miles away from here." The solo vocal with piano lends the song a bit of sadness portraying the idea that playing to different people who don't really know you every night can take it's toll on one's soul and view of the world. Although it is sweet when the people get up on their feet and make the show, the people will never know the empty sound of an empty auditorium. The band is on the bus and they're waiting to go. As sweet as the people are, they are fleeting to the narrator. The towns all look the same to him. This is sad. This sadness is replaced by the uplifting idea of "hey, we came here to play for the let's play for them." And play they do. The people are informed that they have the power. The longer the people stay in the auditorium, the longer the narrator and his band will play. The full band builds up into a chorus of "stay...just a little bit longer." The promoter doesn't mind. Neither do the roadies. The narrator and his band will play one more song, forever. This "one more song" is "stay" and it lasts exactly three minutes and twenty one seconds. This song/songs appears on the live record "Running On Empty." My mother fucking loves this song. Even her mother used to know the words to it.

Jackson and Bruce and E Street telling people to stay.

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